Enabling Zero Discharge

MVW offers a wide range of game-changing and innovative products for water treatment that remove oil and suspended particles from water. These products are natural and biodegradable, and are designed to reduce both final discharge levels and CAPEX and OPEX cost for the client.

All our products are offered as standalone products or combined into integrated tailor-made solutions.



Natural & biodegradable combined flocculant/coagulant


NORWAFLOC® is an innovative and proprietary product range of natural and biodegradable combined flocculant and coagulant, formulated into one product.

NORWAFLOC® products are characterized by a significantly improved adhesion to the pollutants in a fast and strong reaction, creating a clearly improved simultaneous coagulation and flocculation.

NORWAFLOC® can capture and flocculate dissolved components and low molecular toxins and colloids in the range from below 1 nm up to 100 nm.

Key features:

  • Can be applied in both high and low temperature water, potable water, high saline water and in a wide pH range
  • Captures organic and inorganic suspended solids, oil, fat and grease, heavy metals and even colloids, creating large conglomerates (flocks)
  • Breaks oil in water emulsions
  • Can be made to remove dissolved components of molecular size
  • Highly efficient at removing phosphorus and nitrogen
  • Superior dewatering properties
  • Tailored to fit separation methods (depth filtration, decanters, flotation, sedimentation
  • Fast reacting time, simple mixing and strong flocks
  • Flocks recombine if broken - one dosing works in multiple separation steps
  • Extremely robust and insensitive to variations in wastewater

Biodegradable and Non-toxic

At present non-biodegradable YELLOW and RED chemicals are used as flocculants and demulsifiers in the Oil & Gas Industry.
NORWAFLOC® is a more efficient substitute that is natural, bio-degradable, and absolutely non-toxic for the marine environment and personnel. The very same product can be used in all types of waters.

Our products are GREEN and normally used in food and pharmacy industries.

We have succeeded in developing a new environmentally friendly non-toxic combined coagulant, flocculant and demulsifier, performing better than applied YELLOW and RED chemicals in the market today.



Case example from Norway illustrating the significant reduction of discharge levels achieved on an oil terminal. Note that the dosing levels where 1/3 of that of the incumbent competing product.



Absorbent media


High efficiency and reusable. Multipurpose applications.



Coalescing media


Maintenance friendly, efficient coalescing media for retrofit
or supplied in new innovative vessels.



Polishing reactors


NORWAPOL is a proprietary and novel polishing process that adds NORWAFLOC® to the wastewater prior to media filtration. The vessel includes automatic backflushing using state-of-the-art activated filter media (AFM), effectively multiplying the filtration performance.

In combination with NORWAFLOC®, the system is able to filter out particles below 1 nanometer, including a large number of dissolved molecular components.

NORWAPOL is a disruptive substitute for walnut shell filters. In many applications, NORWAPOL is also a substitute for activated carbon filters and powdered activated carbon, hence NORWAFLOC® captures and flocculates thousands of substances normally removed in activated carbon.

This means that NORWAFLOC® and NORWAPOL in combination can provide tertiary, automatic back-flush polishing vessels for ZERO DISCHARGE.

Key features:

  • Increased media surface area up to 300 times of that of crushed glass or sand
  • The NORWAPOL AFM media is surface activated and self-sterilizing to prevent biofouling, improving biosecurity and stopping channeling
  • A combination of NORWAFLOC® and NORWAPOL increases media filtration efficiency by obtaining molecular and nanoparticle remove (to pollutants less than 1 nm)
  • Up to 50% less backflush water required compared to sand filters
  • NORWAFLOC® makes organic/inorganic pollution non-sticky, i.e., no clogging and easy cleaning that leads to reduced backflushing
  • Up to 30 m/h filter rate, providing low footprint
  • Filter media has 5x the lifetime compared to traditional sand filters, up to 15 years or more


Mobile on-site NORWAFLOC® production and dosing unit

NORWAMIX is a compact and mobile production and dosing unit for M Vest Water’s products at clients’ operational facilities. With NORWAMIX, M Vest Water can offer on-site verification and in-line optimization of the most efficient and cost-effective product, for both pilots and full-scale verifications.

Key features:

  • ATEX certified deployment both offshore and onshore
  • Capacity accurate dosing in wastewater flows from 6 m3/h to 12 000 m3/h
  • In-line and very fast optimization of product formulation