Enabling Zero Discharge

MVW offers a wide range of game changing new innovative products, for water treatment (remove oil and suspended particles from water). These products are designed to reduce both final the discharge levels and reduce CAPEX and OPEX cost for the client.

All our products are offered as standalone products or combined into integrated tailor-made solutions.



Chemical additive

NORWAFLOC™ is our product series of totally green, environmental friendly, and highly efficient water clarifiers specifically designed for the oil and gas industry. It captures oil droplets, split emulsions, and create large easily separable conglomerates, enabling reduction of hydrocarbon and toxic chemical discharges to the marine environment.

Bio Degradable and Non-toxic

At present non biodegradable YELLOW and RED chemicals are used as flocculants and demulsifiers in the Oil & Gas Industry.
NORWAFLOC is a more efficient substitute that is bio-degradable, and absolutely non toxic for the marine environment and personnel. The very same product can be used in all types of waters.

Our products are GREEN and normally used in food and pharmacy industries.

We have succeeded in developing a new environmental friendly non toxic combined coagulant, flocculant and demulsifier performing better than applied YELLOW and RED chemicals in the market today.



Case example from Norway illustrating the significant reduction of discharge levels achieved on an oil terminal. Note that the dosing levels where 1/3 of that of the incumbent competing product.



Absorbent media

High efficiency and reusable. Multipurpose applications.



Coalescing media

Maintenance friendly, efficient coalescing media for retrofit
or supplied in new innovative vessels.



Polishing reactors

Tertiary, automatic back-flush polishing
vessels for ZERO DISCHARGE.