Invited to contribute to the event «Vestland på Børs»


As one of the sustainable and public listed companies in Vestland (western part of Norway), we were invited to give our inputs to what future prospects we have and how we invest internationally, on the interesting event “Vestland på Børs” arranged by Bergen Næringsråd and DNB Corporate Banking on 24th August.

We were very happy to contribute with an interview where our CEO, Stein Giljarhus, gave a very good explanation about our products and how we plan to grow into the big market for water treatment in Norway and internationally in the short and long term. Please see a short video of Giljarhus’ interview below (in Norwegian). Take a look at the event here.


M Vest Water achievements in 2021

25 oktober 2021
M Vest Water

During the first 10 months of 2021, M Vest Water has made significant strides towards achieving our goal of becoming a major player in the global wastewater treatment market within 3-5 years.

M Vest Water will make the world more sustainable through a new generation of biodegradable water treatment products

22 oktober 2021

The transition to a more sustainable planet is in full swing and in that regard our CEO, Stein Giljarhus, was interviewed at DNB NXT’s theme broadcast on sustainability, in Bergen.