Good news from the 2020 Produced Water Management Conference


Our management team, attended the 2020 Produced Water Management conference organized by TEKNA in Stavanger on 22nd and 23rd January. This was another successful conference, where leading technical experts presented and discussed the latest developments in the industry.

M Vest Water was particularly happy to hear the authorities commitment to the zero discharge goals and see our NORWAFLOC technology appear on top of the list of cost effective measures towards reducing the Environmental Impact Factor.

Although its been stated before, the use of flocculants improves the performance of Compact Flotation Units (CFUs). It was a pleasure to see the efficiency gains from third party qualification studies, especially when we can deliver the next generation of truly Green flocculants to the market.

Photo: Our CEO, Stein Giljarhus and Chairman, Aris Stefatos at the Conference.


M Vest Water achievements in 2021

25 oktober 2021
M Vest Water

During the first 10 months of 2021, M Vest Water has made significant strides towards achieving our goal of becoming a major player in the global wastewater treatment market within 3-5 years.

M Vest Water will make the world more sustainable through a new generation of biodegradable water treatment products

22 oktober 2021

The transition to a more sustainable planet is in full swing and in that regard our CEO, Stein Giljarhus, was interviewed at DNB NXT’s theme broadcast on sustainability, in Bergen.